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Council for the
Registration of Schools
Teaching Dyslexic Pupils

Welcome To CReSTeD

The Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils, our aim is to help parents and also those who advise them choose schools for children with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).

In October 2013 the CReSTeD Council revised their criteria for school inclusion within the Register.

In many respects the changes may seem cosmetic, a case of re-organisation to place similar criteria together. However, on closer inspection you will find a major difference.

In the past we have referred to dyslexia as the focus of our assessment within schools, we updated this a few years ago to read ‘dyslexia(SpLD)’. Our criteria now reads simply ‘SpLD’, the support for children with dyslexia works within a wider frameset that should include all learning difficulties.

We have not forgotten our roots, we are still a dyslexia charity, we are simply taking into account the wider picture.

Did you know?

The vast majority of schools on the CReSTeD Register are mainstream schools.

They just happen to have great learning support staff and facilities; and are proud to say so.

bookstepsAccrediting Schools for their Learning Support Provision

We maintain a register of schools which meet our criteria for the teaching of pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties.

All schools included in the Register are visited regularly to ensure they continue to meet the criteria set by CReSTeD.

We act as a source of school names which parents can use as their first step towards making a placement decision which will be critical to their child’s educational future.

The register provides guidance for parents who are looking for a school for their child with SpLD and has become established as a first source of such guidance. For example:

  • Parents who contact the British Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia Action or the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre to enquire about schools will be referred to CReSTeD.

  • Many local authorities rely on the CReSTeD register – which is published annually – to inform their financial decisions about funding a placement for dyslexia.

  • Educational professionals look to the CReSTeD Register to inform their decisions and the advice they provide to parents.

  • CReSTeD registration in Categories DSP, DU or SPS is a criterion for schools taking children of services personnel through the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS).

CReSTeD: a recognition going beyond a specialism

Our work is supported by British Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia Action, Dyslexia-SpLD Trust & Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre
The CReSTeD Council Who We Are


You can contact us by telephone: (freefone) 0845 601 5013 or by email: admin@crested.org.uk