Council for the
Registration of Schools
Teaching Dyslexic Pupils

Finding the Right School

Schools on the CReSTeD Register have asked to have their provison for Specific Learning Difficulties accredited by us. In so doing they have declared how proud they are of both their teachers and their children. There are other schools which might be in a position to help, they just haven't found us yet.

As a tiny charity, with limited funds, it is impossible for us to ensure that all 23,000 schools in the UK know we exist.

We know there are schools, other than those on our Register, who are also doing an excellent job. We don't want your child to miss an opportunity right on your doorstep.

We could be pompous and tell you our Register is the only source of information, that isn't true, there are other organisations to help you in your search and we have listed the ones we know and trust here.

You might have a school in mind already, you may simply want your child to go to school with all their friends but want to be sure the school can help.

Here are a few ideas to help you to be confident in your choice.

Ask the Questions We Askabcglobe

CReSTeD places schools into categories, not because we think one school is better than another but because, just as children are different, so are schools

We explain our categories here

We explain our criteria here

Each category has it's own page: DSP, DU, MS, SPS, WS, where you will find summary information for each school.

birnbaumbookcover Parents Checklist

There are many questions to consider when choosing a school, our Register can go some way to helping but how do you decide what to ask the schools you contact?

You could begin by reading the Parents Checklist, here you will find a lot of questions already prepared.

Some of the questions may not be appropriate to your child, you may even have thought through some of them already but we think everyone will find something to help them.

image article1Advice From a Headteacher

You might also like to read an article written by our Chair, Brendan Wignall. As Head of Ellesmere College, a mainstream independent school, for over 15 years Brendan has a wealth of valuable experience.