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Teaching Centres, other than schools, providing assessments and/or tuition for dyslexia (SpLD)

It isn't always necessary or desirable to change your child's school, sometimes extra help in a teaching centre might offer the best solution for your child.

Please note:
This is not a list of centres accredited by CReSTeD, over the coming months we will be sending our consultants to look into the provision available to assess them against our criteria.

Parents should approach a teaching centre with the same level of care and attention as a school or college.

Mitchells Dyslexia Facility

One to one specialist tuition to aid personal learning for the dyslexic individual. Available at all levels, for all ages and at a time and place conducive to your learning style. Experienced, qualified and recognised tutor also undertakes private dyslexia assessments, as well as Colour Analysis and the use of Coloured Overlays.

Anna Treby, who is Mitchells Dyslexia Facility, is the first person to take the plunge and become a fully fledged Teaching Centre, you can see her entry in the register here

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Dyslexia Action

Tuition sessions with our specialist dyslexia teachers can be arranged in small groups or alone. Teaching is designed for the individual and aims to boost skills levels as well as building confidence and self-esteem. Enquire about tuition We offer a Learning Fund for those most in need which can help with payments. The Learning Fund is soley reliant on voluntary funding and is awarded on the basis of individual need. For more information on the Learning Fund, or to apply click here.; telephone: 01784 222300

Dyslexia Teaching Centre - Kensington

A busy teaching and assessment centre in the heart of London. It provides highly qualified, specialist support for children and adults of all ages, enabling individuals to acquire the skills needed for success in education, the workplace and everyday life. The centre also provides bursaries for those who need help but are unable to fund assessment or tuition themselves.

  1. Full and careful assessment leads to the development of multi-sensory teaching support programmes, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

  2. The Centre also employs a further range of therapies for all ages such as The Listening Sound Therapy; Neuro – Linguistic Programming; Brain Gym & Perceptual Awareness Training; Touch Typing and Computer Skills training.

  3. We work with a number of different groups of people, including children, students, adults, parents and teachers / lecturers.

Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADD and much more; telephone: 020 7361 4790

Emerson House

Emerson House was set up in 1991 by Jane Emerson and the late Dorian Yeo as a centre for primary-age children aged 5-11 who need extra help with literacy and numeracy.

  1. Dyslexia - The centre specialises in teaching children not only to read and spell well, but also to enjoy reading as well as understanding what they read.

  2. Dyspraxia - At Emerson House, children are helped to achieve joined-up writing whenever possible.

  3. Dyscalulia - At Emerson House we teach maths in a very structured way, teaching all aspects of maths (with a primary focus on number-work) in a reasoning-based way.; telephone: 020 8741 4554

Indigo Dyslexia Centre

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty, not a learning impossibility. At Indigo we understand this, and can help you fill the gaps in your skills. All ages are welcome.

  1. English tutor can help you with: reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction etc.

  2. Study skills tutor can help you with: essay planning, time managment, mind mapping, organisational skills etc.

Locations: Norwich & Poringland

If you are unsure about the type of tutor you need please call for advice:; telephone: 0845 347 9322

Laidlaw Hall

Laidlaw Hall offers flexible, specialist educational support for pupils experiencing difficulty at school. If your child has a formal diagnosis of dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia, or is simply struggling to keep up with their peers, we can help. Our qualified, experienced staff will carry out diagnostic and if necessary, standardised assessments to establish particular areas of difficulty. All teaching and learning objectives will be agreed only after full consultation with the student, his or her school and parents.
; telephone: 020 8487 9517

Laidlaw Hall is a division of Laidlaw Education, the long-established and highly regarded education consultancy. For over 20 years, we have been providing private tuition, courses, assessments, guidance and knowledge of secondary school admissions, as well as educational support for both children and their parents. We are widely known in South West London schools. We also offer a full curriculum during the school day, and on Saturdays, at our well-resourced and stimulating classrooms in Chiswick.; telephone: 020 8487 9517

The Louise Barnes Way

The Louise Barnes Way enables children and adults to read, write or spell using NLP techniques and 18 years of teaching experience and is extremely successful.

Louise's technique is to discover the WHY – why does a child or adult struggle to read or spell? Once those issues are identified Louise will work on overcoming them (usually within the first session) so their reading or spelling improves, their self-esteem and self-confidence grows and anxiety levels reduce.

Please visit our website at www.thelouisebarnesway.comto find out more.

The McLeod Centre for Learning

The McLeod Centre for Learning, in Central London, Pimlico, is for dyslexic, dyscalculic and dyspraxic children. All teachers at McLeod's are Specialist Teachers. Amanda McLeod is highly-skilled with experience in both state and private education.

  1. Children are taught by specialist teachers in small groups, or on an individual basis.

  2. The curriculum is individually tailored and includes English, maths, handwriting, touch-typing, study skills and Occupational Therapy.

  3. Holiday and after-school classes in touch-typing, handwriting and coaching for the 8+, 11+, 13+ and GCSE exams are also available.; telephone: 0207 821 5784

Mary Mountstephen MA (SEN) Associate Member of British Dyslexia Association

Areas Covered: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Specific Learning Difficulties, Developmental Delay, complex profiles.

  1. Age range: 5 years old upwards.

  2. Services: 1:1 assessments for students, with specialist assessments tailored to the specific needs of students with English as an additional language.

  3. Advice and support for parents seeking school placements.

  4. Training for teachers and schools.

Mary is based in the South West of England, but works nationally and internationally.

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