Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils

Registration Procedure

We keep our procedure simple, we know how busy Learning Support staff are. In a nutshell: you fill in a form, gather a few pieces of information, send it to us in time for the consultant(s) to prepare for the visit. The consultant(s) visits and completes their report, the report is reviewed by our Pre-registration Committee and by Council and, hopefully, the school is approved. Below is a more detailed description of the registration procedure.

Before the Visit

Registration form and supporting information

As CReSTeD visits are designed to be as cost effective as possible, we rely heavily on the initial information provided by the school or centre. However, this does not mean the application procedure is at all difficult.

The application form is quite short: the blank form is only 6 pages, the completed forms are, on average, 10 pages.

The documentation you need is all available to download from our website, or via email, including details of the costs involved and a checklist of the supporting documentation we require.

Please supply all the documents requested and complete the registration form thoroughly. The registration form should be returned as both a signed hard copy and electronically at least twenty-one days prior to the visit, failure to do so may cause the visit to be postponed.

If you have any doubts about any aspect of this form, please ask the consultant for clarification.

Please look carefully at the Criteria , this will guide you towards the Category appropriate to your provision for pupils with SpLD . If you do not fulfil any particular criteria, for example if your specialist teacher does not hold a qualification as detailed in the criteria, please do not apply for registration until you meet the criteria. Consultants may ask to see evidence of the specialist teacher's ability to meet the criteria.

Payment for the visit

On receipt of the registration application, CReSTeD will invoice the school for the visit fee, plus a standard charge to cover the travel and any accommodation costs incurred, per consultant, this is currently £600. Schools applying for inclusion within cateogries DPS, SPS or LSC will be visited by two consultant, a reflection of the greater level of provision and, therefore, the detail which we will need to assess during the visit. This only applies to the first visit, subsequent re-registration revisits are undertaken by a single consultant. Payment must be received before the visit may take place. You can see a full list of our fees here.

The Consultant

The Chair of Council will allocate a consultant (or consultants) to your school.

You will be notified of your allocated consultant(s), you should then agree directly with the consultant(s) on a visit date which will be confirmed in writing by the consultant who will also discuss the format for the visit.

The Visit

During the visit the consultant will need to speak to at least six pupils with SpLD of different age groups. This visit should take place either in the library or over lunch, with other people present but not included in the conversation.

When organising the visit, teachers should feel free to put aside some time to ask consultants questions. All our consultants have years of experience which they are happy to share.

The consultant will provide the Head Teacher with a summary of their observations at the end of the day, allowing both parties the opportunity to clarify details.

Post Visit

The consultant will send the completed visit report for agreement and signature. You may wish to discuss the report with the consultant. Should there be any irresolvable points Council will make the final decision.

The completed report is considered first by the Pre-Registration Committee (a peer review committee which consists of Head Teachers of schools on the Register). Their recommendations go to Council for a final decision. On inclusion in the Register schools are asked to make the CReSTeD report available to parents if requested.

On acceptance for inclusion in the Register you will be invoiced by CReSTeD for the annual registration fee, or a proportion if it is not a full academic year, which must be paid before your school will be included in the Register. You will receive a Certificate of Registration within two weeks of paying your fees. From the 1st September 2019 the Annual Registration Fee is £600 per annum for schools in the Independent Sector and £270 per annum for Maintained Sector schools. The Annual Registration Fee covers the costs of all future routine re-registration visits.

The CReSTeD website and material available to download will be updated immediately to include summary information for the school. The next printed edition of the Register will include an entry for the school.

The final report will be made available to download on the CReSTeD website along side links to the most recent Ofsted or Estyn and /or ISI reports, to help parents make an informed decision.

Once a school is CReSTeD registered, it is entitled to use the CReSTeD logo on its letterhead, prospectus and other marketing materials.


The main reason for CReSTeD's success is its aim to set and improve standards for the provision for pupils with Dyslexia (SpLD) in schools and teachng centres.

Re-Registration and Review Visits

It is the responsibility of the schools and centres to inform CReSTeD of any major change in its provision such as a change of head teacher or head of Special Eduation Needs provision. When this takes place we request confirmation that the school's policies towards Specific Learning Difficulties will not be changed, otherwise a review visit may be necessary. We also need to be advised if a school or centre changes premises in which case a brief review visit may be carried out.

A consultant may visit a school more than once, but not on successive visits.

All schools must be re-registered within the three years period from their last Registration. The Re-Registration Visit must be arranged before the three years period has passed, there is no cost to the school for the re-registration visit assuming all annual registration fees have been paid up to date.

Removal of a School or Teachng Centre from the Register

Council reserves the right to remove any school or centre from its Register, subject to appeal, if therel is casue for concern over its level of provision. Any school or centre not on the current CReSTeD list must not use the CReSTeD logo or name in any of its advertising or printed materials.