Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils

Our Fees

Fees - from 1st September 2019

Initial Registration Visit

CReSTeD will invoice the school or centre in advance of the visit for the consultant(s) fee and expenses (1). The fee for the initial registration visit varies depending upon the category applied for and the size of the school:

Category Details Cost
DSP, LSC or SPS (2) Two consultants (2) for one day £1280.00
MS, TC & WS One consultant for one day £640.00

Review Visit: due to change of premises or other significant event (3)

Category Details Cost
All schools irrespective of category or pupil numbers One consultant £640.00 - (1 consultant)(4)

Annual Registration Fee

Details Maintained Schools Centres (5) Independent Schools
In first year of Registration:
payable on approval by Council
£50.00 £50.00 £270.00
Each subsequent year of membership:
payable by 1st September each year
£270.00 £435.00 £600.00

Re-registration Visit

Details Cost
Schools and centres agree to be revisited every 3 years to maintain their inclusion in the Register £0.00

Please note:

  • Consultants are self-employed and serve as agents of Council. Schools will be invoiced by CReSTeD for the visit fee plus a standard cost of £205 per consultant to cover expenses. The fee covers all costs associated with the visit including the consultant(s) fee, travel and accommodation expenses, regardless of location within the UK.

  • Smaller schools (less than 50 pupils) will be visited by one consultant, regardless of the category applied for.

  • The cost of subsequent visits is met from the Annual Registration Fees, however, additional visits conducted because of a significant alteration to the provision within the school will incur a fee.
  • Council reserves the right to send two consultants in exceptional circumstances.
  • Centres relate to establishments operating independently of any school, not units operating within the school environment.