Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils

Why Join CReSTeD

It sets a standard:

Parents Find You

Parents and education professionals know exactly what the criteria for becoming a CReSTeD Registered School or Teaching Centre are.

Parents demand it

Parents are looking for choice and want the best for their child. The quality mark of being a CReSTeD registered school or teaching centre gives parents the assurances they are looking for. Parents choose a school because it is CReSTeD Registered.

Local authorities demand it

More and more local authorities rely on the CReSTeD register to inform their financial decisions about funding a placement for SpLD.

Educational Psychologists demand it

Educational professionals look to the CReSTeD Register to inform their decisions and the advice they provide to parents.

You deserve it

Your investment in helping children with learning difficulties should be shouted from the rooftops, the CReSTeD Register gives you that platform.

Being CReSTeD registered can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a school for a child with SpLD.

What else can we tell you?

The majority of schools on our Register are mainstream schools that are also able to give excellent help to pupils with specific learning difficulties (SpLD). The Register provides guidance for parents who are looking for an educational establishment for their child with SpLD and has become established as a first source of such guidance. For example:

  • Parents who contact the British Dyslexia Association or Dyslexia Action to enquire about schools will be referred to CReSTeD.

  • CReSTeD features as a lead selection category on the ISBI 'Which School' website.

  • The CReSTeD website attracts visitors from all over the world. Parents from Hong Kong to Canada, Australia to Russia use our site to find a school here in the UK to help their child with SpLD. They tell us they are looking for reliable, objective information to help them with their remote research.

  • We regularly receive calls from parents who have more than one child, only one may have dyslexia. They want a school which suits all of their children, doesn't single any one of them as different or difficult, supporting the interests of each child.

Within the Register area of the website (and, of course, in our printed version) parents can find information on every school and centre, including links to websites.

The Register is prepared annually and is distributed free of charge to parents, educational psychologists, libraries, schools, Local Authorities and other interested organisations. The website is maintained continuously and always contains the most up to date information.

Our continuing advertising programme in the national press and specialist educational journals generates considerable interest from both schools and parents.

If you have queries that are not answered by the information in our website, please contact CReSTeD via email

We have done our utmost to provide all of the information you need to make a decision about registering with CReSTeD available on the webiste

Additional information can be found in the menu links on the left of the screen. Downloadable versions of this information along with an application form can be downloaded from the Documents section.

We hope you find this information of interest and look forward to welcoming you to the growing list of CReSTeD schools.